Intel NUC 6th Gen LID with Single USB 2.0 Port with HDMI-CEC Adapter

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This is a NUC 6th Gen LID with Single USB 2.0 Port with HDMI-CEC Adapter by Pulse-Eight for the Intel NUC Skylake Series (6th Generation).

Part Number: GR-LID-080

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In stock

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Product Description


Single Port USB 2.0 LID with HDMI-CEC Adapter by Pulse-Eight for Intel NUC Skylake Series (6th Gen)

Supports NUC Model Numbers :

  • NUC6i3SY   ( 2 - 1 X 4 USB Connectors )
  • NUC6i5SY   ( 2 - 1 X 4 USB Connectors )


The LID gives the NUC user an additional USB 2.0 Port and a HDMI-CEC Chip by Pulse-Eight installed in the add on LID for easy and convenient installation. This Intel NUC USB 2.0 Port and HDMI-CEC Adapter LID will allow you to integrate ever popular CEC technology inside your NUC, using our USB add on LID. The latest generation of HDMI-CEC communication hardware has been specifically designed to fit with the cable loom to attach to the PCB Board under the LID which fits the standard NUC 6th Gen units.

This adapter will allow your TV to turn the NUC on from S5 (cold boot) and S3 (suspend), additionally turning the NUC on can wake the TV from its standby. Remote control signals from your TV remote are sent via the HDMI cable into the NUC allowing you to control any application on the desktop using Up/Down/Left/Right keys on your TV remote control.


  • Deep integration with Kodi provides the richest experience possible.
  • This adapter also supports EventGhost and Windows Media Centre.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux (including OpenELEC) and Mac OS X.
  • Suitable for the following 6th Generation NUC Models: Swift Canyon (6th Gen Core i3/i5 - Consumer NUCs)
  • Connection is the dual 1x4 USB header
  • For short and tall SKUs

Models Supported:

  • i3 short SKU: Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i3SYK
  • i3 tall SKU: Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i3SYH
  • i5 short SKU: Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i5SYK
  • i5 tall SKU: Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i5SYH

Not Supported:

  • NUC6I7KYK Skull Canyon

Package Includes:

  • Intel NUC HDMI-CEC Adapter by Puse-Eight
  • Double Sided Foam Sticky Pad
  • Internal Cable Loom
  • NUC LID and PCB Board with USB 2.0 Port

PN # GR-LID-080

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part # GR-LID-080
UPC # 646791000111
Cable Length No
Manufacturer GORITE
Price $42.75


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