• Testing the New Scratch-Resistant NUC Lid

    techster-blog Puttin’ the Hurt on GoRite’s New Scratch-Resistant NUC Lid - is a review by Techster's Blog that compares our new scratch-resistant NUC lid with the default factory lid.

    Excerpt: While I’m a huge fan of the NUC, I’ve never made a secret of not liking the lid. Not the design of the lid, but the finish. The aluminum case is pretty well scratch-resistant, but the glossy plastic lid is so prone to scratching it may as well be made of soft clay...

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    Comparing the GORITE lid with the factory lid - "That’s quite a difference... night and day."

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  • The GoRite Qi Charging Lid

    techster-blog Techster reviews our new Qi Charging Lid in The GoRite Qi Charging Lid.

    Excerpt: The Qi lid shares the same attractive “swoop” design of most of GoRite’s lids. It looks great out of the box, and once installed, looks like it’s meant to be there....

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    See it in action:

    Here’s a video showing the positioning of the phone, as well as the charging working in and out of the case.

  • Set up your functional NUC lid in 6 easy steps: VIDEO

    Watch this quick & simple video to set up your functional NUC lid in 6 easy steps: #nuc #intel #nuclid

  • Intel NUC with Lids Finally Done Right!

    Add new features and a new look to your Intel NUC - with our lids, recommended here by Techsterweb!


    "...Well, today things are different. I just got a care package from GoRite… and they have changed my mind about lids. If you’re not familiar, GoRite is an Intel partner. They’re part of the same company behind Micro SATA Cables, which is the go-to site if you need any internal cables for your NUC. If you’re ever planning to use the internal headers on your NUC, bookmark microsatacables.com. You can thank me later."

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    Check out Techsterweb's video on Installing the GoRite dual USB 2.0 NUC Lid:

  • Living Room Gaming with the Intel NUC

    This is a great Intel article about living room gaming with tiny pcs. According to IQ Intel: "PC gaming in the comfort of your living room is a reality. With tiny PCs like Intel’s NUC and Compute Stick, gamers and streamers can enjoy their entertainment at home and on the go." Read the full article

    Living-room-gaming Image credit IQ Intel

  • Coming Soon!

    GORITE is working with Intel on a few new NUC accessories, lids, and parts. Many of the prototypes below have moved from the design stage to the manufacture stage, and all are coming soon. Please contact GORITE for questions regarding these new products.

    Additional RJ45 Port Unit Adding an additional RJ45 port to the NUC
    NUC Expansion LID The new NUC Expansion Lid will allow additional ports
    NUC LID Additional Dual USB 2.0 Ports NUC Lid with additional Dual USB 2.0 Ports (front)
    NUC LID 0 b NUC Lid with additional Dual USB 2.0 Ports (back)
    NUC LID Additional Dual Mini DP Ports NUC Lid with additional Dual Mini DP Ports
    NUC LID Single USB 2.0 Port with CEC NUC Lid with Single USB 2.0 Port with CEC
    Additional Internal USB 2.0 Port with Expansion Connection Additional Internal USB 2.0 Port with Expansion Connection

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